I was born in Canada in 1974 to an English Mother, Diana Neale, a school teacher and a Bangladeshi father, Manoj Sen, an Orthopedic Surgeon. My father was also a singer. We arrived in the UK when I was three years old and my father died a year later of heart failure. My only real memory of him was that he used to sing to me. I guess that in order to fill a void I turned to music and can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't listening to it in some form or other. I remember, other than a collection of kids albums, my Christmas and birthday requests were for music. The first was 'Regatta de Blanc' by the Police and Jeff Wayne's 'War of the Worlds'.

And so my record collection started at the age of 5. From then, it's a blur. Pick up an instrument, learn to play it . Pick up another one. Learn to play it. Go to your mate's house but spend all of the time on their piano. Take your vinyl and make them listen. Decide to go to music college. Have 2 years to get grade 8 drums and grade 5 piano from scratch. Do it!! Unconditional offer to London College of Music. Get degree! Become MD of Giffords Circus 2000 but leave in 2007. Write an album and have it recorded. Not happy. Write a second album and record it myself. Very happy. Re-writing first album and recording it myself, I'm on it!!!!