Long Road

This is our latest video featuring once again our daughter Poppy Willow Sen. She's about 6 years old in this video which like Cat76 was filmed in Montpellier Cheltenham, but also behind our home on Cleeve Hill and on location in Birmingham. It features the amazing talents of Daniel and his dad Oleg Teplitski. I had worked with Oleg some years ago at Giffords Circus.

Changing Man

This video features some rare footage from my last tour with Giffords Circus in 2006 and some newer live footage of us playing live at a festival. Like the video for 'The Shipping Forecast' I have since re-recorded the music and this video features the older recording of the song.

Shipping Forecast
OK, this is a little trippy but a nice bit of work from Dinesh Patel. It showcases his talent for getting big effects out what was a video shoot in a small bedroom. The audio is an older recording than the one that now appears on my album of the same name

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

The Story Behind 'Chelsea Calling'
Chelsea Calling

The foundations of this song were written in the Chelsea Hotel in New York. Nell and Toti Gifford and I were staying there in December of 2005 to soak up some of the bohemian creativity that the hotel pervades. We were writing the Giffords Circus 2006 show 'Joplin', rooted in the 60's and 70's and inspired by Janis Joplin and other artists of that era, many of whom stayed or lived at the Chelsea.  I'm not the first to have written about this hotel. It has been immortalised by many artists including 'Leornard Cohen' who describes his stay at the hotel and a lewd act between himself and Janis. 'Chelsea Calling' has many references to the lines of the Joni Mitchel song 'Chelsea Calling' and if you listen carefully you can hear the opening melody of 'Chelsea Morning' at the end of 'Chelsea Calling'. We were all reaching a kind of pinnacle in hedonistic terms and my life was starting to unravel. I was on a sharp downward trajectory and I knew that when I returned to England I would no longer be in the relationship I had been in for some years, hence the "..footsteps down the hall.." of somebody leaving . A year later and close to breaking point due to an excessive lifestyle coupled with uncertainty of the future, I left Giffords Circus. A decision that still haunts me. However as one door closes another opens. I was setting up a band to perform my own songs and a girl called Claire Collins requested an audition to be a singer. I was hooked immediately! She was beautiful and had the most perfect voice I had ever heard. And here she is!!

I'd bumped into Dinesh Patel at a party. He too had been in New York, working as a photographer in the fashion indusrty. He agreed to shoot this video. He called his business 'The Art of House' and sure enough we shot all the footage in his front room. The budget was a few bottles of wine. He had an out of tune piano in the front room. I had to play a piano that was totally out of tune to the backing track whilst being slightly inebriated. 

If you're wondering why you don't see the faces of the other musicians, that's because it's all me. Can't get the staff sometimes :)

Enjoy it

Pete Sen

Heading 4

'Cat76' Feat. Claire Sen and Tweedy

Filmed in Montpellier, Cheltenham, the fantastic Tweedy the clown from Giffords Circus and Claire. See if you can spot me at the end as a busker!